Tuesday, October 16, 2012

it was bound to happen

we are no longer undefeated. :(  We lost one of the two half-hour bouts we had on Saturday.

It was the penalties that did us in, unfortunately. ah well.  I still love my team. 

I managed to get a nosebleed DURING WARMUP, which was amusing in its own way.  And then I got a softball-sized bruise on my shin.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I went to Sunday practice yesterday.  Kinda had to - I want to make sure I get attendance.

It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be - I mean, yeah, it was horrible, but I managed to survive it and I *almost* didn't end up sleeping the entire afternoon afterwards.

My knee (the left one) was troubling me, though.  I went down on it in the normal routine of things and was like OW, that hurt.  Then it happened again, and at that point I was like "okay, I'm done for the day." (Fortunately there was only about 15 minutes left in practice.)  That, plus the recent discovery that my kneepads tend to slide down if I fall too many times, is making me think I might want to procure some new ones soon. (Maybe as a birthday present to myself, as I will be turning - gasp - 39 - before the end of the month.)

Scrimmage on Thursday was interesting, as it usually is.  While the other teams fielded their large benches, we had...seven.    There was one point where I think I skated six jams in a row.  (It was only after I had to jam that I was like "ok, I would like a break right now.")

The wart on my heel is still an issue.  It's not gone yet, and they've been attacking it with lasers pretty heavily.  Sometimes it's fine, and sometimes it really hurts.  Right now it's in an "ow" phase, which makes skating fun.  And by "fun", I mean "I really could use an adrenaline rush to not feel this, yo."