Thursday, April 24, 2014

so here we are

The surgery went well, from what I was told.  I now have three incisions in my shoulder; fortunately they didn't have to cut through any of my tattoos.

It's a bit painful still; the PT sucks and it makes me feel so pathetic.  "Lie down on the floor and use your left hand to raise and lower your right arm" and I can only get up about 3" before it hurts.  Ah well.  I keep plugging away at it and do what I can.

Still haven't found a comfortable sleeping position though.

Going to practice for the first time since surgery - gotta bench manage during the scrimmage.  Not *quite* sure how I'm going to do it; since I need two hands.  We'll see.

Friday, April 11, 2014

T minus 5 days

Last night was my first night officially bench managing.  (Last week it was just a "the first five people on the bench go out" deal.)   

I hadn't bench managed in years - I think the last time I did it was in, like, 2009.  Derby was so different then!  We had people assigned to each particular position!  You play back, you play outside and so on!  It was a lot easier now - just send four people out and they'll figure out where to play.  

At any rate, once I figured out a system that worked for me (one that did not involve calling a lineup that was already out on the track), it went well.  Several people, including the coach, came up to me afterwards and told me what a good job I'd done.  So that's encouraging.

Unfortunately I won't be able to bench manage the team's next bout, as it's three days after my surgery and I will be in a drug-enduced haze or something.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

pre-op appointment

(I'm going to be twins with Al Roker!) 

the guy was impressed with my range of motion and strength (yay me?) and said he thought I would be a good candidate for a full recovery.

He also had me try on the sling I'm going to have to wear.  Um.  Four to six weeks* with my right arm strapped across my chest; whee!  Not sure how I'm going to operate a computer; although I'm left handed I use a mouse right-handed.  Whee.

*he said that the number of sutures they have to use to fix the tear will determine how long I have to be in the sling.  

So there's a bout on Saturday - I don't think I mentioned that - (my team isn't playing).  I'm not going, though, doing something with the family.  One of my leaguemates has stepped up to be Box Office Manager, and she's done this before, so I am very grateful to her.   

The night before there's an open Retro Skate at the venue, and I'm going.  I'll skate, too - it'll be my last chance for a long, long while.  I figure as long as no one knocks me down, I'll be ok.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

so it's been a while.

My shoulder has been doing a lot better, and I was like "OMG maybe it got misdiagnosed and I can still play and everything'll be okay!"  

Then yesterday I was reading Cycle of Lies (about Lance Armstrong) and read about him getting (amongst everything else under the sun) cortisone shots, and I remembered "oh yeah, I got a cortisone shot when I went to the doctor.  God dammit."
The surgery is scheduled for April 16.  I just wanted to get it done and over with.   Six weeks without driving is going to absolutely suck, lemme tell ya.  We'll have to figure out how I'm going to get to work and whatnot.  My friends have stepped forward with getting me to practices, so that's taken care of.

People that I've talked to say that Shoulder Doc Guy is THE guy in our area to see, so that's encouraging.  

Going to the WFTDA conference in May in Vegas will be interesting - cross country travel with my arm in a brace!  Wheeeeeeeeee!
Our coach has asked me to be the team's bench manager.  I'll miss a few bouts but will be doing that for the remainder of the travel season (end of July/beginning of August).  After that, I'll NSO.

I am supposed to take it easy for six months after the surgery, which puts me at mid-October.  (mid-home season.)    

At that point, I think I am going to try to be a referee.

Everyone I've mentioned this too thinks it's an awesome idea.  We'll see what happens.