Friday, August 27, 2010


went for an evening trek with Maverick.  He rode his bike, I skated.  It went fine except for the three times I almost bit it because there were random rocks in the road. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


the drama spill has been capped.  hopefully cleanup shall be minimal.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

and so

we've got a bit of a drama spill right now.  I'm trying to organize a team to cap it up before it destroys the fragile ecosystem of the league (since I was involved, through no fault of my own). Nothing too major (miscommunication + a few busybodies) but it's annoying and distracting and just makes me want to cover my ears and go LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA but I can't, 'cause like I said, I'm involved.

I had to get impressions done on my teeth today for something dental related, and I asked my dentist if he'd make me a mouthguard while he was at it.  (I had a tooth guard I'd gotten for my TMJ that was wonderful and perfect [it covered my bottom teeth only so I could talk and breathe easily] but probably not entirely bout-proper, so when I lost it I had to go back to my hard to talk, hard to breathe but bout-proper upper guard.)  While I was there his assistant saw my purse with all my derby pins on it, so I had to explain it, and she wants to now come to our November bout and was trying to wrangle my dentist into coming.    The mouthguard will show up one practice before my surgery, so I'll get to try it out at least once.

(Unless they let me skate the day after the surgery, all woozy and hopped up on Vicodin.  Somehow, I don't see that happening.)

Our poor team!  We are beset with injuries.  Of our eighteen skater roster (we lost one at the start of the season but picked up a veteran when she came back from maternity leave), six are injured (I'm including myself in that six), one is moving at the end of the month and one is having life issues and hasn't been at practice in a few weeks.  The returning skater hasn't assessed yet, so that leaves us with NINE.  Sigh.  We have to scramble for alternates and subs for all our bouts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back in the proverbial saddle again

Literally fifteen seconds after I walked through the door for my first practice back after a month of leave, our team's resident whiner/complainer came up to me and whined/complained at me about something.

It's like I never left.

It was very good to be back.  It was obvious that I hadn't been on skates in a while (I gasped and wheezed my way through warm-up, and was a little skitterish and fell stupidly a few times), but I held my own and kept up and got right back into the routine of scrimmaging and all that.  My blood blister returned, oh happy frabjoyous rapture, so I've got a bunch of band-aids slapped on it and am limping my way through the day.

I will be missing Thursday's practice and Saturday's away bout because I'll be out of town (boo), but then I will get a few weeks of full practice until my hand surgery.  I really hope that I'm not out that long for that.  

Monday, August 9, 2010


okay, so almost exactly ten years ago I developed a ganglion cyst on the back of my left hand.  It got to the point where if I tried to hold a cup of laundry detergent, it would hurt and hurt and hurt.  So, I had it surgically removed.  When that happened, I was told there was a 5-10% chance of it returning.

Guess what came back a few weeks ago?

I went to see the hand guy today, and he's like "well, it looks like it came back" and I was like "Um, yeah".  Apparently the fact that it came back in exactly the same place (as opposed to higher on my hand or lower, which is more common) means that there may be a bit of bone overgrowth where it is, and if that's the case they'll need to dig out all the excess bone crap when they do it.

So, long story short, my surgery is scheduled for September 10.  This is the earliest they could get it done*, which means that I won't be able to skate in the September 11 bout.  GODDAMMIT.

As for recovery, the doctor said, basically, "at least two weeks, more likely four weeks, possibly six weeks until you can do what you normally do."  Now, this doctor probably does not consider "roller derby" when thinking of things people normally do, so who knows how long I will be out.  Come hell or high water, though, I'm skating in the November bout.  (The surgery site will be covered by my wrist guard, that'll count for something, right?  RIGHT?)

Anyway, I'm now very bummed.  The only potential bright side is that I can get Vicodin out of it, but I don't even like Vicodin!  Last time it made me really nauseous! (Although - and how's this for amusery - the nausea I was feeling actually could have been morning sickness, as all this went down last time right around the time I got pregnant.)
* I could put it off until the end of the season, but it *is* starting to hurt when I pick up things, and when I write.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


so I'm about 3 1/2 weeks through my leave of absence and honestly it doesn't feel like I'm on hiatus at all.  Between preparing the league's tax return (THANK GOD for that Intro to Accounting class I took senior year in college) and doing the mid-season expense reports and cutting people disbursement checks, the only thing I'm NOT doing is going to practice.  Sheesh.

Anyway.  I am not doing this again next year. (The "being treasurer" part, not the "playing roller derby" part.)  I really hope someone is willing and able to take over, 'cause I can NOT do this for a third year.  Sigh.